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Consumer Reports, published by the Consumers Union, is a valuable resource for information on a range of products, including home appliances and consumer electronics. Product reviews provide ratings of key features, performance, repair history, and pricing, in addition to information on energy use and efficiency. A web-based version of the magazine, along with an archive of product evaluations and reports, can be accessed for a modest fee. A new online publication called Greener Choices has a number of additional ratings and tools aimed at the environmentally sensitive consumer.
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BuildingGreen is an independent company that provides information to building-industry professionals and policy makers. Their reports improve environmental performance and reduce the adverse impacts of buildings. They also publish Environmental Building News.

The Green Building Resource Guide is a database of green building materials and products for design and building professionals. The database includes a Price Index Number, a factor which compares the cost of a green product to a product labeled Price Index Standard. The index assists architects in making decisions with respect to product specifications and project budgets.
Website: informs consumers of the greenest vehicles on the market. They provide a green score for every car and truck on the market, facilitating comparisons for car buyers.

Grist Magazine reports global environmental news with a sense of humor. Grist is a nonprofit organization, and their website and email services are free to the public.