Consumer Incentives

Home Shell: Insulation, Windows, Sealing

Homeowners can get credits for energy improvements to their homes, such as windows, insulation, and envelope and duct sealing.

Home Heating & Cooling Equipment

Homeowners can get credits for installing efficient air conditioners and heat pumps; gas or oil furnaces and furnace fans; and gas, oil, or electric heat pump water heaters in new or existing homes.

Passenger Vehicles

Credits are available to buyers of hybrid gasoline-electric, diesel, battery-electric, alternative fuel, and fuel cell vehicles.

On-Site Renewables

Credits are available for qualified solar water heating and photovoltaic systems, small wind and geothermal heat pump systems.

Fuel Cells and Microturbines

Credits are available to homeowners and businesses who install qualifying systems. Fuel cells are an advanced technology to generate electricity at the site of use, but they are expensive for commercial buildings and are not widely available for homes.

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